Health institutions and medical companies are now shifting their focus toward the application of IT through healthcare software systems.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

This software collects the patient data, including patient’s personal information, medical charts, and medications, in digital format, which is stored, and accessed by authorized users within a secure digital platform.

The EHR software aims to provide an efficient and secure system. Through this, patient care becomes integrated across different health care departments.

The EHR software has two variants the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, which includes information about the medication, procedures, and the general course of patient recovery. The EMR serves as a digital journal of a single hospital department.

Another type of EHR is the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), which is designed to store the patient’s clinical information from a specific hospital.

Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management Software aims to assist administrators in assessing the quality of service rendered by the hospital staff and in performing important tasks with regard to management.

Under this software, various programs are integrated to monitor the workflow of medical professionals. This software also assist in financial and administrative functions.

Through this healthcare software, hospital operations could be streamlined, administration and control are improved, patient care is enhanced, and profitability is maximized for the stockholders.

Pharmacy Management Software

We offer custom pharmacy management software solutions to support daily operations, medication adherence, retail POS, and patient wellness programs.

Simplify your daily routines from POS to back office with our pharmacy management software with features such as custom workflows, and a complete fill, bill, and communication process.

Medical Billing

This software can be utilized in hospitals to dispense and keep track of medical billing transactions.

Through the integration of the electronic billing system with EHR, billing records could be correlated and checked with the patient medical records. Transactions and medical procedures could be monitored and analyzed to prevent fraud and unnecessary treatments and procedures.

Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduling System can be utilized by hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to maximize the efficiency of their staff and minimize the waiting time of patients.

In this system, patients register by logging-in to the online platform, wherein they are given an appointment number and schedule.

Through this, the patients do not line up at the hospital, which reduces crowding, improves the hospital atmosphere, and increases the work satisfaction levels of the staff.

Other features of our online appointment system includes being able to check the doctor’s availability, canceling the appointment, and rescheduling the appointment.

Medical Equipment Management

Management of medical equipment through IT could benefit health facilities by increasing the quality and profitability of medical devices and equipment.

Our medical equipment management software aims to track and monitor the functionality and maintenance of medical devices. Through this system, medical equipment downtime is reduced.

Features of this medical software type include equipment classification, preventive maintenance scheduling, and generation of repair requests.