Technology plays an increasingly critical role in the banking and finance world, and efficient software solutions help financial institutions to keep in pace with changing markets and new information as well as identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks. Auriga helps its clients from banks, insurance companies, and corporate finance departments to achieve operational efficiency, solve industry-specific challenges, and reduce costs by introducing customized financial software applications.

Cerbosys provides financial software solutions and services for banking and financial services organizations.


Every company seeks to understand a much broader range of customer activity and increase customer interaction.
To better meet customer needs and to communicate new offers, a bank needs a reliable communication channel, as well as an instrument for product management, like e-commerce or e-marketing solution, or CRM system for sales, marketing and customer care.
Cerbosys offers expertise in CRM software aimed at supporting all customer care activities, to ensure complete software integration into the client’s existing business processes. We offer professional expertise in various areas of CRM software development:

  • Custom CRM software development
  • CRM applications development and maintenance
  • CRM systems maintenance and support
  • CRM products integration with third-party and legacy products
  • CRM software cross-platform/OS porting and migration

Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation are closely related. In fact, some might say that one is incomplete without the other, at least from a strategic standpoint. Marketing automation platforms are designed to automate relationships and communications across a variety of digital media, including email, social networks, landing pages, display ads, and even mobile applications. These marketing campaigns generate qualified leads which can be added to a CRM sales pipeline and (hopefully) converted into customers. Think of it this way: marketing automation helps financial service firms attract and capture interest in their products, then passes the torch to CRM for account onboarding and relationship management.

Common features of our financial services marketing automation software:

  • Lead management
  • Email campaigns
  • Drip marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Landing pages and web forms
  • SEO tools
  • A/B testing
  • Engagement tracking
  • Reporting and analytics


The professionals at Cerbosys are capable in providing software solutions and services for business automation applications related to:

  • depositary activities
  • treasury operations
  • financial audit
  • accounting procedures
  • consumer credit management
  • risk management
  • reporting to the Central Bank or other regulators and committees.

The solutions delivered by Cerbosys will allow our customers to:

  • facilitate delivery of products across branch networks, via self-service payment kiosks and POS terminals
  • improve client service by automation of the bank tellers’ workplace

The combination of software delivery excellence and deep experience of system-level development helps us to develop reliable and predictable software that requires integration with specific hardware (i.e cash machine, printer, card reader) and understanding of specific data transaction protocols.